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Rectangular Wall and Carpet Snakes

A coated fiberglass rectangular snake that goes where a round rod can't!

Available in 17 and 100 foot lengths

  • Extremely portable and lightweight
  • Comes coiled in PVC dispenser less than fifteen inches in diameter and lighter than one pound
  • Non-conductive polypropylene coated fiberglass won't rust or corrode as with metal fish
  • Rectangular snake will accommodate 90 degree bends in 3/4 inch conduit and can easily penetrate blown-in insulation
  • Can be bent 180 degrees within a 3 inch radius but retains memory to a straight line
  • Bright yellow polypropylene coating eliminates the possibility of shattering and is self-lubricating
  • Use primarily inside walls, under floors and between tack strip and wall
  • Uses other standard Push-Pull rod accessories

Buy Rectangular Wall Snakes and Accessories

Rectangular Wall and Carpet Snake - 17ft
Code: WS15-R
Price: $59.67
Quantity in Basket: none

Rectangular Wall and Carpet Snake - 100 feet
Code: WS100-R
Price: $69.00
Quantity in Basket: none

Award of Excellence Cable Business Magazine
For Controlled Flexibility and Strength. The rectangular shape of this rod affords a FLEXIBILITY THAT NO ROUND ROD CAN OFFER, yet does not lose strength when pushed - applying force against the wide side. By simply turning it 180 degrees it practically bends back on itself, as the photo indicates. It certainly does not take the place of a round rod, but has a place along side it for those places difficult short bends and turns. Using this product when needed will save the installer from demanding too much from his round product, saving it for the jobs they were intended for. Polypropylene coating eliminates splintering.
Often used in support of PP6 rods.