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Rodalong - 1/4" diameter - 300 feet
Rodalong - 1/4 Quantity in Basket: None
Code: CF300DTG
Price: $399.00
Standard Rodalong - 1/4" diameter rod. 300 foot length.
  • Perfect for feeding through electrical conduit, large diameter or small, fiber optic innerduct and T-bar ceilings
  • Plumbers find unlimited use in drains, sewer and main water lines, and virtually all piping and leak locating
  • Polypropylene coated to eliminate shatter problem
  • Bright yellow, non-metal/non-conductive rods protect delicate wires
  • Standard Rodalong uses all accessories available with our Push-Pull rods plus new additional attachments
  • Standard Rodalong comes with metal carrier, bullet tip and cord grip
  • Dimensions: 26" X 26" X 10" (approximate)

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