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Rectangular Wall and Carpet Snake - 100 feet
Rectangular Wall and Carpet Snake - 100 feet Quantity in Basket: None
Code: WS100-R
Price: $69.00

A 100 foot long, coated fiberglass rectangular snake that goes where a round rod can't!
New! Also comes in 17 foot length

  • Extremely portable and lightweight.
  • Comes coiled in PVC dispenser less than fifteen inches in diameter and lighter than one pound.
  • Non-conductive polypropylene coated fiberglass won't rust or corrode as with metal fish.
  • Rectangular snake will accommodate 90 degree bends in 3/4 inch conduit and can easily penetrate blown-in insulation.
  • Can be bent 180 degrees within a 3 inch radius but retains memory to a straight line.
  • Bright yellow polypropylene coating eliminates the possibility of shattering and is self-lubricating
  • Use primarily inside walls, under floors and between tack strip and wall.
  • Uses other standard Push-Pull rod accessories

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