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Set of 5, three-foot long Push-Pull Rods
Set of 5, three-foot long Push-Pull Rods Quantity in Basket: None
Code: PPP3
Price: $67.00
These 1/4" diameter, flexible rods are made of non-magnetic fiberglass with a polypyrene coating, and are flexible enough to go around corners, up and down walls and through small openings, yet are strong enough to withstand virtually any test you may put them to. Each length is 3 feet long with threaded attachments at each end. Connect as few or as many rods together as needed to attain whatever length necessary. CMD Push-Pull Rods are sold as a set of four (20 feet), at a price less than half of that charged by the few competitors that CMD has. These rods replace the old fashioned electrical fish formerly used for running and retrieving cable. Push Pull Rods are equally useful to push or pull cable inside or outside conduit.

We also have accessories to make your job easier. See "Related Items" below. Take a look at our convenient Push Pull Rod and Accessories Set, a set of four push pull rods with five of our most popular accessories and a handy carry bag.

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