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These tools have their limitations. To be used effectively they should be used carefully. The items are light weight but strong and flexible when used for their specific applications such as pulling electrical wire and cable. However, heavy-handedness and excessive force can create issues which can cause damage.

Fish tape, Push-Pull Rods, Telescoping Pulling Poles:

Fish tape, Push-Pull Rods and Telescoping Pulling Poles are warrantied for one year from the date of purchase, covering damage caused in transit or from normal usage. This warranty does not cover damage caused by excessive force, mishandling or usage for applications outside or beyond the scope of intended use of the products.

Rodalongs and Mini-Rodalongs:

Should the brass tip break off we will replace it at no cost and provide repair instructions. Breakage due to mishandling, excessive force or inappropriate use of the Rodalong or Mini-Rodalong will not be covered by this warranty.